species MOUSE
bday OCT 23
phrase "mmmhmm"


Eureka! I love primary colours, I love science-themes, I love anthros, I love nerdy women with big glasses... Petri is everything!! welcome to my little shrine, dedicated to her. I will compile anything Petri-related that I enjoy :-)

(gif credit)(*edited by me)

Following a lot of outdated tutorials, piecing together information, I managed to succeed in modding Petri into ACNL!! here she is :-)) I also modded some interior to look similar to her ACNH-home. Due to the nature of her texture-pattern, i unfortunately couldn't include her multicoloured ears - but imo it's OK !! I opted to show her eyes, rather than making her wear the standard opaque glasses.
(pls note, im not available for modding-help rn)

WIP web-shrine for PETRI (acnh). Just for fun :-) Return to main page?