I don't provide progress-photos, except for elaborate works.
I do offer reasonable+flexible corrections.
The cost of additional characters can be discussed.

Suggestive imagery is fine, such as pinups + similar.

No hateful, harmful or illegal content is accepted.

if you have an idea for an artwork,
contact me and we might be able to make a deal! :-)

    please e-mail me the following information:

  • Your name, and how to credit you when posting on SoMe
    (+ let me know if you don't want me to post the image!)

  • Commission type (choose from below)

  • Reference-material (attachment or link)

  • Descriptions (mood, colours, personality)

  • Paypal e-mail (I will send an invoice)

  • I can send A5 artwork in the mail for an additional 25usd
    (unfortunately expensive. Cost in my country =
    5$ packaging, 20$ tracked shipping)

no setting/bg

A5 painting of one character, full-body
100 USD

sketches, multimedia

A5 collage, full of sketches and doodles of one character,
surrounded by multimedia elements.

150 USD

simple setting of choice

detailed A5 painting of one character, full-body
200 USD

3D-elements, collages, comics,

a composition of advanced elements,
in comic-form or full painting; sizes vary!

200 USD +